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When they break up I'm guessing she'll make some "expose" video in the future claiming he was an abusive ass or something. Finally finished with all of the Hajiplushies! Like at least if you're going to pick an unoriginal, cringey gamer girl, pick a smokin' hot one Ian.

I don't find it that big of a deal when people do it. Naomi watts nude balcony. Kimmi smiles nude. I definitely have my suspicions that he's closeted. PNG How many bridges had this bitch burned? Akaadian hasn't seem to make a comment on anything about it yet, and I doubt he probably will. Ian clearly has no experience with dating, and is probably relying on her to guide him.

At least stick to her actual ridiculous personality because now you're grasping at straws. I don't know much about kimmi, she's some has been youtube singer, but I was under the impression she was dating someone who was not joji. They're drama videos but still decent quality. She has no original bone in her body and he encourages it, Ian truely isn't shit. I hope you're just trying to yank our chains because pic related is you. Big tits deep cleavage. I look up at the sky. And when people called him out he pulled the "I'm entitled to my opinion" card.

Also Ian is pretty cute when he's all giggly. You don't acquire that many loyal friends by "being a douche". I wouldn't be surprised he has anxiety, it's pretty common. Reading through this thread is seriously upsetting I love idubbz and filthy frank it sucks to see Ian with such a shameless slut like when you find out your friend at school is friends with a cuntish bully.

She dumped her boyfriend days after meeting Ian at twitchcon. She's the one who started using him for views and shit. She loves it though, lol. Kansai dialects are acquired through living in that region. Hell the way their hair is drawn vs the hand with the lollipop makes it so blatantly obvious. Maybe she's just a lazy skank like Kalel. Kerry katona nude photos. He's still an overreacting idiot tho.

I don't want to lose respect for you too. I'd like to know how he responded, since he seemed pretty disgusted every time she said something sexual when he was on her stream.

He seems pretty comfortable engaging in homoerotic behavior.

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They've only been dating a few months. Huge tits and huge cocks. GO it's not a phenomena because she decided to wear a shirt in order to be successful on twitch you need to either be a whore, play games decently, or have some wit or anything decent to talk about. Joji seems like a fuckboy underneath his edgy internet persona.

She's also no longer linking her twitch and only her YouTube. Thought this might be of interest to this thread. So you can make fun of me? AMAs is where the real meat is at. All these fangirls are stanning Anisa on tumblr and all Ian's brainless underaged male fans are defending him from Zoie on reddit. Kimmi smiles nude. You don't fuck up bussiness relationships because of some side pussy you don't like. Reguardless of how retarded the guy is which he is, he eventually got banned from twitch for other reasonsher motives were purely selfish, and when things got to real she refused to pull on her big girl panties and deal with it like an adult by talking to him in private about how she really felt.

I'll enjoy any drama with his gf but I think people here are taking it too seriously. Nude tourist pics. My favorite dr character in all forms I know! I found his content cops funny, but when I went to his channel, the rest of his stuff felt very repetitive and, yeah, just him reacting to other people's work. Contour a little bit. I always put it down to admiration. He doesn't really care for fans and acquaintances. He still has all the pics they took together up on his twitter though.

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One Craigslist ad later, enter Steve Rogers, handyman extraordinaire. I personally wouldn't say it this early on, but who knows, it's Ian's first gf. Idk, maybe he knew she and her family wouldn't give a shit but I'd feel legitimately self-conscious if I brought a guy to my parents' house and he was that openly critical of it.

Ian has nothing on george. I also liked how he took the more embarrassing questions like "um how tight is Ian's ass? Guess that's some karma since Celestia social climbed off of her and Gross Gore.

Both of them are cows in their own way, stirring up drama flashing tits and bag on stream and being just generally terrible people. Lesbian dating profiles. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

You're really not significant enough to be using this kind of language. But apparently he's so desperate to get laid he's locked it down. JPG New Frank vid is fucking hilarious. With a happy sigh, you gnawed on your bottom lip.

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