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Randy knew he had Cody right where he wanted him. He ran his hand down Cody's prone body, feeling the muscles tense under his ministrations, and took hold of his cock for the first time. Improve lesbian sex. It was Randy who now sucked in a shaky breath as he saw a tiny trickle of blood make its way down Cody's thigh, mixing with his sweat.

The problem, was Randy Orton. Cody rhodes nude. Cody Rhodes' ring gear is downright obscene. Cody was tired and hurting from his match, he really didn't need any of this shit from Randy right now, he was just too tired to fight him off again.

The pulse point that was pounding ferociously, reviling to Randy just how excited by all this Cody really was. He clung on to Randy's shoulders and hair with all he was worth, raking his nails over Randy's perfect skin, marking it for sure. He was teamed up with his friend since childhood Ted and together they were making a real impact in the tag team division. Randy pulled Cody's twitching cock out of his mouth and pumped it rapidly, leaning back on his heels so he could see the whole of Cody's writhing body.

Rio is fingered in nude pics. Lesbian forces straight woman. Before he could even think about the pain in his back Randy crushed their lips together, trying his best to force Cody's mouth open with his tongue, his hand still firmly gripping Cody's throat. Randy was going out of his way to make Cody's life miserable and now that Ted was away filming a movie, Randy had really stepped up his abuse.

Join the RedTube Community. Randy broke the kiss, Cody could see the lust dancing in Randy's rapidly darkening eyes as he nudged Cody's legs apart with his knee, rocking his hardness into Cody's hip.

Throwback or not, it just looks off. Randy was getting impatient and bit down hard on Cody's bottom lip, Cody gasped in pain and Randy took his opportunity.

Can I have you? Closing the small gap between his soft lips and the head of Cody's throbbing cock. I find it incredibly amusing that part of the Matt Classic gimmick is no knee pads and then He stroked his hands through Cody's short hair and slowly down the sweaty back of his neck, soothing the pain away as he went. The sight that greeted him was the sexiest thing Cody had ever seen.

Randy grabbed a cheek in each hand and squeezed tight, Cody yelped as Randy parted them and licked all the way up Cody's exposed ass from behind his balls up over his tight hole. From David and Goliath to Batman and The Joker, there's something fascinating about watching two sides of the same coin go head to head. Randy kissed Cody's upper thigh then trailed his tongue up onto Cody's tight little ass, nipping with his teeth every now and again, making Cody squirm beneath him.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. With Cody's prone body still pinned to the cold shower wall and the tip of Randy's dick still buried in Cody's painfully tight ass, Randy began to press sloppy kisses down Cody's jaw line and on to his neck, paying special attention to Cody's pulse point.

Post WWE Wrestlemania People love epic rivalries. Cody knew he was gay, but he didn't think Randy was. Jazz egger nude. Blonde gets fucked by four black studs. Moderator Discretion At any time the moderators will use discretion on any given rule.

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And he was lost, Cody could do nothing but stare speechless at the sight before him. Skinny girl gets fucked. Cody Rhodes' ring gear is downright obscene. The photo in question shows him standing in the middle of a wrestling ring, decked out in green Arrow -themed pants, as well as a green jacket that seems to resemble Oliver's initial Arrow outfit from the first three seasons of The CW series.

Pumping into Cody all the way and then pulling out almost to the tip. He grabbing Cody's ass with one hand and dragged Cody towards him by the back of the neck with the other, taking a deep sniff of Cody's post match scent as he pulled him closer.

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Alicia Rhodes shows Tina Fine how to be helpless. Your review has been posted. Get your flair here! If they feel it's significant or unique to be up despite the rules. Randy moved his mouth to the base of Cody's cock and began to suck lightly at the flesh in between Cody's dick and balls.

I think even his lack of knee pads tell a story Pushing Cody up against the wall so he could free a hand, Randy nibbled at Cody's earlobe as his hand traced soothing patterns on his lower back, trying to relax him.

Randy lowered his hand from his mouth back to Cody's hip and looked up at Cody, a much more determined look on his face. Cody rhodes nude. Randy brought his hand up to his mouth, his eyes never leaving Cody's terrified ones. Manisha lamba nude pics. Randy ran his fingers up Cody's shaft slowly and with a feather light touch, gathering the pre-cum on his hand as he reached the tip. Text posts A text post should have sufficient text in its body to either strengthen the title, create discussion or add more information. Randy smeared the spit between his fingers then collected some of Cody's cum from his chest and added that to the mixture before placing his index finger over Cody's hole, rubbing the homemade lube in small circles around it.

Randy pumped back into Cody a few more times riding out his orgasm to the full, and then just laid his head on Cody's shoulder panting heavily. Randy lent up and licked a line from the base of Cody's dick up to his belly button, sighing at how divine Cody's arousal tasted.

The upcoming episode will see Cody Rhodes take on the role of a Star City thug named Derek Sampson who is killed by Wild Dog, and subsequently brought back to life as an insanely strong, inhuman killing machine.

Those words were all Cody needed to send him over the edge. Only chicks and all so horny. Randy pulled Cody's swollen cock out of his throat, gasping for breath and dribbling down his chin, slurping, trying to swallow Cody's pre-cum.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. He was cold, he was beat up, but most of all he was angry. Sign Up For Free. Charlotte flair nude leaked photos. The blinding pain in Cody's ass and lower back was dulling to a slight burn, not that he was paying much attention to it as he broke Randy's kiss, both panting for air.

Cody was in pure bliss, he couldn't think of anything but Randy, Randy's hard body up against his, Randy's thick cock up his virgin ass, pounding into him relentlessly. SquaredCircle submitted 6 years ago by [deleted]. Randy squeezed Cody's ass cheeks in his hands, ghosting his hot breath across them and enjoying the whimpers he was eliciting from Cody.

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It was then that Cody realised how close he was, Randy's hand on his ass, his lips on his neck, it all washed over him as he tensed and screamed Randy's name as he came hard between their bodies, splashing up both their chests. See it All on BlackedRaw! Tonight's CrossRhodes event was just straight????????

Cody felt the initial wave of panic wash over him, Randy wasn't going to strangle him to death, he knew that. He stroked his hands through Cody's short hair and slowly down the sweaty back of his neck, soothing the pain away as he went.

The Emerald Archer's solo series airs every Wednesday night at 8 p. Top ten hottest milf pornstars. Indian nude milf Julio Gomez Goes Balls Deep. Randy once again closed his mouth over Cody's cock and picked up the pace. Only chicks and all so horny. Cody rhodes nude. Keep me logged in Forgot Password? Cody, your ass is so sweet, I've been dreaming about fucking it hard and fast for months! Earlier that night in the corridor after Cody's match, Randy had cornered him again. Randy could tell Cody was close, his head was thrown back against the tiled wall as he pumped his hips forwards, forcing his cock through Randy's tight hand, thoroughly fucking it, sweat dripping down his slightly hairy chest.

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